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  • Making Global Education Accessible and Relevant


  • Design the “Model” exchange program that actively addresses barriers to studying abroad.
  • Launch services and programs to support curriculum internationalization.

We know that...

Our Manifesto

  1. International Travel can be a transformative experience for anyone involved.
  2. Global Education can be a powerful for positive social change as it builds skills needed to live in a global world.
  3. Barriers like cost, culture and curriculum block access to global education programming for African and Native American, low-income, STEM, community college, LGBT and First Generation students.

Our Questions

  1. What are the inclusion and diversity strategies that noticeably increase participation of underrepresented groups in Study Abroad and Exchange Programs?
  2. What support do Global Education advocates want and need to internationalize their projects and curriculum?
  3. What is the impact of a global framework on High School Extracurricular and After School programs?

Going Glocal - Projects for Global Citizenship

In October 2014, InSolidarity began a participatory research process into "Education Access" with Alumni from Global Glimpse and Global Leadership Adventures.

Since October, participants have identified Education as a "glocal" issue, relevant in all parts of the world, and began investigating what can be done to improve education at Oakland High School.

We are on the last leg of our project.  Stay tuned for the report!

  1. Contact us to learn how to incorporate global learning into your classes, projects and work.
  2. Watch us incorporate global learning into Technology andGardening classes.
  3. Follow me as I take on a  Global Citizenship Challenge.

Aja is a self declared “Study Abroad Baby” and after three years living and study abroad, and three years working in international education, it became evident that socio-economic background was a major indicator of participation in international education programs.  Based on this, Aja became InSolidarity Project Director with Practicing Freedom Collective.  Her personal mission is to advocate for and build equity in global education and citizenship.

To learn more email me at: insolidarityinfo@gmail.com

About Us

The Practicing Freedom Collective supports communities to generate and enact their own solutions while strengthening their relationships through Popular Education practices. We amplify the liberatory, participatory and humanizing potential of programs, schools, campaigns, organizations and businesses working to create systemic social and cultural change. We believe that if we want our institutions, and political and economic systems to be participatory and democratic, then each step of the process to transform them should be participatory and democratic as well.

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PAR - T! A celebration of Participatory Action Research for practioners and "the PAR curious" alike. Date in Dec TBD. Please contact us if you'd like to be involved.

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